Cruelty Free Home Decor

Avoiding leather and suede, are obvious choices when choosing to design vegan in your home. There are vegan alternatives to leather couches by using synthetics which look and feel just like real leather. Secondary to leather you obviously want to avoid goose down. Goose down is commonly used in pillows and comforters. While it may seem like a stretch that using feathers is cruel, each feather has its own blood supply and nerve ending. That means each time a feather is plucked from a goose, it feels it. Every. Single. One. and they ARE plucked alive (because a dead goose can’t produce more feathers). Yikes. Less obvious animal products are wool and silk. There are infinite amounts of synthetic alternatives to animal products; some of which are actually cheaper. So why aren’t we using them more? Tradition maybe. Cost possibly. Either way, make your choice and vote with your $$ to end you support of animal cruelty. 

There are many companies which boast pet friendly, cruelty free, and vegan housewares. Long gone are the days of researching materials because these companies have already done the work for you. And I have gathered them here to share with you 🙂 Enjoy! 

Vegan / Haven

The European brand Haven Home caught wind of the ever growing vegan movement and curated this selection of interior design elements to suit your cruelty-free needs. 


Wayfair is the internet superstore of home goods. Although, quite pricey, they offer many vegan options for your home. Simply search “vegan” in the search bar and filter down from there. 


Ahhh Etsy! The greatest place on earth for handcraft is also a great place to get Vegan everything for your home decor needs. Simply put Vegan Decor into the search bar and an endless listing of artisan decor appears. 

PETA Vegan Homeware Awards

If you are still looking for more ideas, check out this listing from PETA UK for their 2018 Vegan Homewares awards. You will find familiar brands like IKEA and Anthropologie and new ones like Habitat and Suzy Saunders.