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Dog Mom Essentials

In 2018 the New York Times reported that younger generations are having less babies siting financial insecurity and better career options for women. Call them the experts if you like, but I think its because being a Dog Mom is the new Mom. We love our furbabies as if they were our children– we make them meals from scratch, buy them clothes, take them to the park, push them in strollers, have birthday parties, put them in PJs and even make our own natural remedies for them. We consider them more like companions than pets and make sure they are included in family vacations and get to go out to eat. If you’re convinced I’m right, check out these essential items to prove your Dog Mom status loud and proud to the rest of the world. 

Dog Mom Hat

Perfect for morning walks and trips to the dog park, this distressed baseball cap will fit right in with the rest of your dog distressed wardrobe. Made by the great folks @ Ripley and Rue who donate $1 of each sale to local rescues. 

Molly Mutt

Fill your dogs bed with its favorite scent… you! Molly Mutt makes practically indestructible dog beds with fantastic patterns and pillows to match. Their unique stuff sac is a great way to up-cycle old clothing. Simply stuff it inside one of their beautiful, washable, duvet covers and your little buddy has a brand new bed. 

The Dog Mom Co.

I mean we love them but, dogs are the most annoying little assholes. When your scrambling to get ready in the morning and can’t find one of your shoes and suddenly your dog appears with it… that’s a love-able asshole moment.Say it loud and say it proud you know your dog’s an ass! 

Custom Pet Necklace

Take your little buddy with you everywhere you go. These custom made engraved pendants are made from your favorite picture of your pooch. Order from Mingon and Mingon’s full line of custom jewelry on These make excellent memorial gifts for friends who have lost loved ones as well. 

Dog Mom Decal

Make sure everyone at the office knows your a dog mom too! For just $3 you can get this decal in the custom color of your choice.  An official reminder to work-hard and play hard, this little sticker will keep you motivated to get your work done, so you can go home and curl up with your pooch and a blanket in the candlelight. 

Travel Bag

This Overland Dog Gear Travel Bag for Medium & Large Dogs comes with 2 food carriers, a placemat & 2 bowls from Overland Travelware. The bag has ample room to store toys, leashes and blankets, a placemat for the two bowls and two food containers so that you can easily feed your pooch anytime during your travels . I like to give my dogs matching bandanas when we go on trips to complete the look and let everyone know we are a fam. 

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