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Macrame: 101

A classic craft from the 60’s and 70’s is making its comeback in the resurgence of bohemian style. Macrame can be used to add a handcrafted flare to any home and are hot items to sell at local craft markets if you are looking to get into the biz. Check out these tutorials to get you started.

Measuring Rope

Measuring your rope (or other material) is a crucial skill in Macrame. Read this article on how to measure the right amount of ripe for your design. 

Pro-Tips: Measure twice, cut once. Extra is better than too little.

Three Basic Knots

These knots might be familiar from your friendship bracelet making days, but mastering their use in Macrame is an essential skill to creating beautiful cohesive designs. Learn the knots. Master the knots. Be the knots.

Creative Anchors

FEATHERS! But seriously, be creative with your anchors, use up-cycled materials (I have a whole drawer of random items waiting to be up-cycled– keep it organized), natural finds, heirlooms, and other items which have value and beauty all of their own.

Explore materials

Explore your materials! Don’t stick to plain white rope. Crafts look best with a mixture of color, texture, material, and style. And always remember the rule of 3.


Use beads throughout your design to break up the pattern and create negative space. Negative space is crucial for balance in any type of art– macrame included.