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New Puppy Training

It’s no wonder than dogs are considered companion animals; they depend on us for their lively hood and they provide a unexpected level of company and friendship. If you are the owner of a new puppy, Congrats! You are about to embark on a great journey in life, and we are here to help you start that journey off on the right food. Use these guides to get going on their training. The earlier you start the better, it makes your life easier now and in the long run if you start to establish healthy habits which last a lifetime.

NPTE 101

The first thing you will want to do is begin house training your pet. The sooner your pooch gets the hang of going potty outside, the easier your life will be. Use this guide on getting started with crate training, housebreaking, and socialization.


NPTE 102

Get a handle on all that mouthy-ness. Puppies just like humans go through a teething stage where everything is interesting and they use their mouths to explore the world. From troubleshooting to redirection, this section has you covered on re-inforcing appropriate chewing behaviors.


NPTE 103

Its playtime! Learn how playtime is an essential development and bonding tool for you and your pup. Learn a little bit about how they learn to play with you and with other dogs in this quick overview of animal behavior.


NPTE 104

A tired dog is a good dog! Learn how exercise plays an integral role in their physical and mental enrichment, and how to distinguish between play and exercise. Dogs need both so learn how to read your dogs signals and choose exercise options that are right for them.