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No Carve Pumpkins


Bohemian Style

Holiday decorating doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your interior design. These pumpkins use a simple color scheme with geometric shapes anyone can paint. They are finished by spray painting the stems copper to give them a metallic finish. 



To create this pumpkin masterpiece all you need is a little spray paint, some glue, and a little time to bedazzle.


Melted Crayon

A great use for all of those random crayon bits laying around your house. Its a great example of something you don’t want to waste, but dont have a use for. Get the full tutorial from MomDot!


Pumpkin People

Cuuute! This welcoming decor is as simple as it gets. Use old items from around the house to make your pumpkin people. It will take you back to the best of times with Mr. Potato Head. Get the full tutorial from Pretty Providence. 


Gold Splatter!

WTFun! Looking for a more tropical Halloween look? These are for you! Plus you get to splatter paint, which is everyone’s dream come true. Jackson Pollock would be proud. Get the full tutorial from A Kailo Chic Life. 

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