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Succulent Savvy

Succulents are one of the best house and patio plants due to their low-maintenance and drought tolerant characteristics. They also look exotic and vintage at the same time. Although they are easy to care for they do need some regular maintenance to keep them growing beautifully. These articles should help you be on your way to a beautiful collection in no time. 

Succulent Identification

In order to care for your succulents properly, you must correctly identify them. This visual aid from my soulful home should help you identify some of the basic succulents available at local nurseries. Read more at

Simplicity Relished

7 Tips for Succulent Success is a great beginners guide to caring for succulents. Sweet and simple this guide lays out a few simple rules for keeping your succulents happy and healthy. 

Propagating Succulents

One succulent is simply not enough. The good thing is you can grow succulents from succulents easily and for free. Check out this blog post by Needles and Leaves with step by step instructions on how to propagate succulents at home. 

DIY Containers

Now that you know how to care for succulents and grow succulent babies, you are going to need a lot of places to put them. This collection of 17 easy DIY containers will give you some creative ideas on how to showcase your new container garden. 

Thou Shall Not Kill

If you like succulents not only because of their beauty but also because they are low-maintenance, here are 10 more “un-killable” houseplants from Confessions of an Overworked Mom.