We embrace the power of the human-animal bond and living a balanced minimalist lifestyle. 

What does that all mean? It means being true to yourself while being self-aware of the impact (butterfly effect) your actions have on those around you.

We oftentimes don’t think of ourselves as part of the earth’s ecosystem, but in fact humans are the biggest influence on it. As time goes on, societal norms lead us to do what is most popular and cause us to stray-away from what is best for our individual ‘self’. We want to help lead you (and your furry friends) back to a healthy balanced lifestyle free of judgement and full of love. If that means looking at cute animal photos, switching to cruelty-free products, eating a healthier diet, practicing yoga and meditation, DIY, or anything else that soothes your soul . . we’ve got you covered!


I am an animal loving, tree hugging, dirt worshiping, bad vegan with a heart of gold. 
Bad Vegetarian: 11yrs
Bad Vegan: <1yrs
Animal Rescue: 6yrs
Data Nerd: 1yr

Trivia facts about my dog…
Name: Whiskey
Age: 10
Favorite Treat: Cheez
Favorite Person: Cletus

Trivia facts about my cat…
Name: Cletus
Age: ~10
Favorite Treat: I’m on a diet…
Favorite Person: n/a