coconut oil

Coconut Oil Uses

Coconut Oil is a fantastic natural remedy for pets and can be used in many ways. Check out this blog post featured on Puppy Wire for a few ideas. 


Winter Dog Care

Dog Tipper provides this guide for those pets and parents which live in colder climates. Although dogs wear a fur coat, they aren’t always meant for all the natural and man-made exposure that winter brings. 


First Aid Checklist

We all have basic supplies on hand to help ICE with people, but having a few extra items handy specifically for your pooch can save you costly trips to the vet. Check out this handy dandy checklist from Proud Dog Mom



If your dog is fat, YOU aren’t getting enough exercise. This infographic from Dog Tread shows how daily walks benefit you and your 4 legged BFF. 


Moving with your Pet

Moving isn’t just stressful for you, it is for your pet too. Consult this infographic from to better prepare for your upcoming move. 


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