Stacking bracelets, rings, and necklaces are key to the boho-chic look. Check out these deals from Jane.com while they last. 

Credit: Jane.com


You do yoga and meditate but haven’t yet started to explore the power of crystals? A necklace is a great way to start. This soladite necklace will get you started. Its connection with the heart causes a calming effect which  facilitates logical thinking improves communications.

Credit: DreamCloset.co

We Love Boho

The name says it all, WE LOVE BOHO nailed the look.  If you look closely, you can see the native influence of nature- celestial patterns, fish, trees, snowflakes, sun and of course flowers. Abundant simplicity is one of the hallmarks of the bohemian look.

Credit: https://www-weloveboho-com.cdn.ampproject.org

Jewelry Boho

Jewelry Boho sets it off with this medallion ring. Fine details, precious metals, and full knuckle design bring it to the forefront of Bohemia. 

Credit: http://www.jewelryboho.com

Kira Ferrar

Direct from the craftsman to you, Kira Ferrar makes beautiful pieces for sale in her Etsy shop. Turquoise is making a comeback, make sure you have a piece of this precious stone for your very own collection. 

Credit: Kira Ferrar

Erick Begay

This adjustable size ring is great for people with swelling hands or those who enjoy flexibility with their fashion. Wear it like normal, or as a stacked second knuckle ring. The natural elements paired with filigree and classic native design make this ring stand out as a traditional hand piece. 

Credit: http://www.n8tivearts.com

Southwest Silver

On the higher end of the spectrum we feature this beautiful collar by Southwest Silver. If you are looking for fine craftsmanship and a eye-catching piece, SWS is for you. 

Credit: http://www.southwestsilver.com

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