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    Canine Crash Tests

    Canine Crash Tests In 2013, the CenterForPetSafety.org partnered with animal loving car company Subaru to perform crash tests with dog dummies for the different dog safety harnesses available for automobiles on the market. Spoiler Alert: The video’s are horrifying and of the dozens of brands these tests were preformed on, only ONE brands harness performed to standards. Videos are available here. Facebook Pinterest

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    Ikea Hacks for Pets

    Not only can pet supplies be expensive, they aren’t always easy on the eye. One way to spruce up the look is by using Ikea “hacks” to either build or camouflage common pet items. What is an Ikea Hack? Similar to Life Hacks you see on Buzzfeed etc., Ikea Hacks are those which originate from Ikea products but are then altered to suit your need. This ultimately results in a well designed solution which fits into your home decor rather than sticking out like a sore thumb.  Crate Dog Bed Simple and shabby-chic this crate style dog bed makes a perfectly cozy place for your pooch to rest. Follow this…

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    Dog Mom Essentials

    In 2018 the New York Times reported that younger generations are having less babies siting financial insecurity and better career options for women. Call them the experts if you like, but I think its because being a Dog Mom is the new Mom. We love our furbabies as if they were our children– we make them meals from scratch, buy them clothes, take them to the park, push them in strollers, have birthday parties, put them in PJs and even make our own natural remedies for them. We consider them more like companions than pets and make sure they are included in family vacations and get to go out to eat.…

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    Pet Remedies

    Holistic living isn’t just for people anymore. . . everyone is including natural remedies into their pet care regiments. Everything from hip & joint care to flea control has herbal alternatives that reduce the amount of chemicals and “processed ingredients” that your pet is exposed to. People are turning to Coconut Oil, Garlic, and limited ingredient diets to solve skin and coat issues. Dogs also have mental health needs just like people– its difficult to diagnose what is causing anxiety and phobias in pets, so its always better to look for a holistic alternative such as aromatherapy or thunder vests before adding pharmaceuticals (with their own set of side effects) to…

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    D.I.Y Doggo

    Controlling the amount of chemicals and “processed ingredients” which go into your dogs system are essential to their long term health. Just like people dogs “are what they eat” and since their grooming habits are a little bit more “mouths-on” that that of people, we have to make sure that they aren’t ingesting harmful chemicals. These chemicals may temporarily solve problems, but in the long run the side-effects can have far more impact than the solution they provide. Check out these DIY guides for making your own whole ingredient supplies for you pets; and always remember to consult your veterinarian before starting your pet on anything new.  Paw Balm This…