Vegan Fashion

With mass-production low-cost stores like TopShop and Zara offering cruelty-free fashion alongside trusted brands like Vans, it is easier than ever to get clothing made without any harm coming to animals. One obvious material that is widely available is cotton and more frequently than ever synthetic leathers look, smell, and feel like the real thing. 

5 common animal products to look for in apparel:

  • Down Feathers (used in coats and parkas)
  • Furs
  • Leather
  • Silk
  • Wool

Not only are these products harmful to animals, they are harmful to the environment as well due to the chemical processes used to clean and prepare the materials for use. The following are boutique brands which cater specifically to vegan and cruelty-free shoppers. 

Beyond Skin

How cute are these flats? These are just one of the many pairs of well designed shoes made by this Spanish brand. Not only does Beyond Skin focus on cruelty-free materials, they also consider the environmental impact of synthetics and their process. 


Although it totes a less glamorous name than you expect from luxury lines, Filbert handbags, briefcases, and accessories are low production, vegan, and made in the USA. A stylish alternative to most popular styles is available via their website. 

Glass Ladder Co. 

The Glass Ladder Company focuses on providing the executive type a green and ethical way to the top. Providing  “executive accessories” which will help you reach the top with transparency. I cannot say it better than them “The production of genuine leather is one of the leading causes of global warming. Responsible for nearly 18% of all man-made greenhouse gasses, a single cow produces almost 20lbs of methane annually. Methane is one of the worst offenders in greenhouse gasses, causing almost 25x as much impact as CO2.”


With down and wool being the go-to materials for winter coats, Wuxly is a welcomed CF alternative to keep warm. Based in Canada, their motto Live Warm extends beyond their materials and into their attitude with their 5 year warranty. Their website even features live statistics showing their environmental impact. 

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The Brave Gentle Man

We can’t forget about the Vegan men in our lives. Founded in 2010 as the first vegan lifestyle menswear brand in the world, Joshua Katcher established a new CF gender norm for men. This line features ethical and sustainable materials with the focus on re-defining the need for leathers and wool in menswear.