Cruelty-Free Lifestyle

Even in the United States, cruel methods of animal testing are used for preliminary trials of many products we use on our bodies.In the fiscal year ending in 2005, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) reported a total of 1,177,566 primates, dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and other species used for research. The breakdown by species was: 66,610 dogs, 57,531 primates, 58,598 pigs, 245,786 rabbits, 22,921 cats, 176,988 hamsters, 32,260 sheep, 64,146 other farm animals, 221,286 guinea pigs and 231,440 other animals.

As these issues are brought to the publics attention, more and more companies are responding with refusal to use chemicals that are tested on animals. Instead of focusing on the gorey details– there are plenty of people who do that– I’d like to provide education and solutions for you to learn how to become cruelty-free in not only your diet, but your ever day life. 

Being vegan and/or cruelty-free extends beyond your diet and into every aspect of your life. Obviously, the cruel treatment animals recieve at factory farms is an easy reason to go vegan. But being vegan in your everyday life can be a bit more difficult so we have created this guide to avoid the common animal products found in our every day lives.

Sadly. the companies which test on animals often euthanize animals once they are no longer of need. As a result, several organizations have formed to not only fight against the practice of animal testing, but to provide rehabilitation for the animals so they can live out their lives free of their past. Learn more about the great organizations doing this important work here.

Although animal testing is not required in the United States, some companies still choose to do so. These progressive companies use products with a long history of safety to avoid animal testing.

A cruelty-free lifestyle means extending beyond food. As living a CF life becomes more popular, brands are taking notice and offering vegan alternatives to make the transition easier. Learn about some unique brands here.

Living Cruelty Free Extends beyond your person and is a part of every piece of your life. Eliminating leathers and down doesn’t mean you have to make sacrifices on style and comfort.