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D.I.Y Doggo

Controlling the amount of chemicals and “processed ingredients” which go into your dogs system are essential to their long term health. Just like people dogs “are what they eat” and since their grooming habits are a little bit more “mouths-on” that that of people, we have to make sure that they aren’t ingesting harmful chemicals. These chemicals may temporarily solve problems, but in the long run the side-effects can have far more impact than the solution they provide. Check out these DIY guides for making your own whole ingredient supplies for you pets; and always remember to consult your veterinarian before starting your pet on anything new. 


Paw Balm

This Paw Balm helps protect your pet’s pads from the harsh elements of hot pavement, gravel, salt, and snow. Smells delicious (and your dog will think so, too!). As an added bonus she may start to lick her paws more frequently which also helps healing. This paw balm is safe to eat which isn’t true of the chemicals their paws are exposed to. Keep your pups feet soft and crack free with this DIY balm. 

Two-Ingredient Flea Preventative

A simple homemade remedy for preventing fleas. Make a large batch and freeze. Flea preventative and treatments are two separate things. If there is a current flea infestation you can always give your pet a bath with baking soda to kill the fleas and then follow up with a preventative. All parasites, such as ticks and mites, are not affected by flea preventative. Always remember to check your pet for ticks to help prevent lyme disease and ehrlichiosis.

Shampoo Bars

Shampoo bars are becoming the next hottest thing for dogs. They are easier than liquid shampoos and don’t have the waste of a plastic bottle. If your dog enjoys a good wrestle at bath time, shampoo bars make it easier since they are hand-held and can be applied while holding the dog steady! I like to take an all at once approach and involve a partner for spraying while I hold and soap. My dogs are particularly large and unruly at bathtime so having an extra set of hands always helps. 

Fresh Breath Meal Topper

These treats are perfect for freshening up your pooches breath after dinner time. Minty deliciousness in coconut oil will freshen breath and help improve the coats sheen. If your dog has chronic bad breath, I hate to say it, its time to go to the vet. Just like us, plaque, gingivitis, and cavities happen to dogs causing rancid smelling breath. Small dogs and purebreads are more prone to dental disease and should be checked regularly. 

Bone Broth Gummy Vitamins

How cute! These wonderful gelatin filled gummies are a great naturally occurring source of healthy nutrients for your Senior Pups with hip and joint issues. Muscle strength is integral to hip and joint support, so make sure your pup is getting enough exercise.