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D.I.Y. Doll Planters

These creative up-cycles are another way to reduce the clutter around you home and turn it into something beautiful, unique, and functional. Sometimes cute and sometimes creepy, these little planters are double-the-fun to make. 

Cabbage Patch Kids

Not all of these collectibles are valuable, but they are 100% adorable. Their rosy-red cheeks and baby blue eyes are great for grabbing attention. Just pair with your favorite “hair” and you are ready to go. 

Baby Doll Heads

These decapitated doll heads are precious, creepy, and perfect for repurposing. Simply give them a lobotomy and they are ready to go. Pro-tip: Pair with small saucers for an up-cycled duo. 

Brain Cactus

I love this combo of planter and plant. It’s always important to remember that the pot is as beautiful and unique as what you put in it. If you pair properly, you have a work of art. 

Antique Ceramics

These ceramic doll heads have the benefit of being porous which means they retain more water for your plants. They are also a little extra creepy, so keep them in mind for your Halloween Decor. 

Troll Dolls

My personal favorite! These adorable little guys fall into the “so ugly their cute” category, but using them as succulent planters makes them even more darling. 


Not into DIY? These concrete planters are available at most outdoors centers these days. I particularly like the use of “spillers and thrillers” to create a balanced look (and camouflage your dog).