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DIY Christmas Gifts

Making your own Christmas gifts is a great way to put a little extra love into your gifts while learning something new and making memories with your co-creators. Even when its something simple, gifts made by hand are often more cherished than those which are expensive. Here are a few simple ideas and tutorials to get you started. 


Chalkboard Ornaments

Go the kids route and make cute keepsakes like these, or do your very own hand chalking for an elegant spin on this gift idea. Full tutorial available from Fireflies and Mudpies.


Gold Gilded Coffee Mugs

These beautiful and simple mugs can be given as is, or for a dual-purpose gift make them a candle as well. Full tutorial from Poppy Talk. 


Clip-Board Calendar

This simple and elegant memory calendar is easy to make, hang, and enjoy. Easy to make with craft-paper clip boards or spruce them up with nicer ones. Full tutorial from Its Always Autumn

String Art 

Make string art in any shape and size. Just a few nails and your favorite color of string and these beautiful images come to life. Full tutorial from Hashtag Blessed Blog. 


Pet ID Tags

A gift for the Dog Mom or Dad in your group that not only says ” I love you” but “I love your pets too”. Keep everyone in the family safe this holiday season with these hand stamped, ID tags. Full tutorial from Eagle Rowe.