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DIY Home Decor

Decorating your home is fun and comforting. Its even more fun when you are able to drop little bits of yourself into the atmosphere with DIY projects. Imagine your guests amazement when they compliment an accent and you get to tell them you made it yourself. Check out these tutorials for a few of our favorite selections.


Watercolor Drum Shade

Ready for Summer? This Spring inspired shade will spruce up your indoors and remind you of sunnier, happier times. 

Full tutorial available from Better Homes & Gardens.


Chunky Knit Throw

If that Frenchie doesn’t make you want to get cozie with this blanket. We don’t know what will. Get in line with the new arm-knitting trend and learn how to DIYourself. 

Full Tutorial available from Mama in a Stitch.


Fabric Storage Bins

Get organized with these fabric bins! Great for kids toys, pet toys, or anything else that ends up in a pile. Get the full tutorial from Make It, Love It!


Fabric Garland

Need a way to use your extra fabric scraps? This quick and easy garland will spruce up your home in no time. 

Full tutorial available from A Wonderful Thought


Hoop Cork Board

This quick an easy DIY is a no sew favorite. Just pick out a fabric to match your decor and the rest is history. 

Full tutorial available from Purely Katie