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DIY Halloween

Candy Corn Filler

I can already think of 3 places in my home that can be filled with candy corn for some quick Halloween flare. Don’t be afraid to get creative on using items you already own; grab some mason jars and fill with candy corn and stick a pillar candle in it, and done!


Love this from Parties for Pennies! Leave a creepy note in this unexpected spot and completely creep out your guests. I am thinking using red lipstick (don’t reuse) or nail polish for easy removal…or leave it there year round as a reminder to put the seat down.

Bloody Candles

Do you have old candles and a sewing hobby? Then you have these Halloween festive candles! I suggest pouring them where ever you want to display them so that the “blood splatter” adds to the decor as well! Don’t be afraid to box them up for next year too!

Cookie Cutter Carving Hack

No time to carve pumpkins? Me either! Get your craft on while finding a use for all those cookie cutters. Mix up size and placement. And if all else fails, smash the pumpkin into bits just for fun!

Stranger Things Pumpkin

I could do a whole post on How Not to Carve a Pumpkin. Check out this Stranger Things themed pumpkin that is easy as 1-2-3. Bonus points to Love from the Oven for finding a secondary use for Christmas lights!

Glowstick Bottles

Bust out your favorite glitter, glowstick bracelets and glow in the dark paint for this project. Simply dip or pour glow in the dark paint on the bottle and then splash it with glitter and let it dry. On the night of your event, break open your glow bracelets and drop them in the bottom for an eerie yet fun decor.