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Ikea Hacks for Pets

Not only can pet supplies be expensive, they aren’t always easy on the eye. One way to spruce up the look is by using Ikea “hacks” to either build or camouflage common pet items. What is an Ikea Hack? Similar to Life Hacks you see on Buzzfeed etc., Ikea Hacks are those which originate from Ikea products but are then altered to suit your need. This ultimately results in a well designed solution which fits into your home decor rather than sticking out like a sore thumb. 

Crate Dog Bed

Simple and shabby-chic this crate style dog bed makes a perfectly cozy place for your pooch to rest. Follow this step-by-step tutorial from Hesters Handmade Home and you will be done in no time. It’s technically an Ikea design pictured, but I imagine you can do this with any up-cycled crate (esp if your dog isn’t tiny). I have also seen similar crates at Michaels and other craft stores. 

Cat Tree Wall

What the fun!?! This is cat paradise. With just a few simple shelves (Ekby Östen) and some carpet squares, you can transform a room or a hallway into a kitty gymnasium in just a few hours. Follow this full tutorial from Britta Widerski and you will be cat mom of the year for sure. 

For me , my dog likes to get into my cats food, so I always have to find creative ways to make sure Cletus gets his food and it doesn’t turn into a snack bowl. 

Mid-Century Pet Bed

Mid-Century is a design favorite of Paws and Soul, so we are thrilled to bring you this video tutorial from The Cottage Market on this Ikea hack. The legs are the key item in Mid-Century design so if your pooch is a little bit bigger, I am sure that you can find a suitable alternative for the bed base. The thing I like about this elevated bed is that it allows me to sweep under it so dog hair and dirt doesn’t accumulate. 

Pet Hammock

If there is one truth in life it is that cats love a good nap. I cannot resist this adorable vignette they have setup here, but I have a hard time imaging how the zig zag table top would fit into my home decor. 

Yet, the people at IKEA themselves embraced the Hacking style and wrote their own step-by-step tutorial on how to transform their end table into a casual place for your kitty to rest. 

If you didn’t know, IKEA recently released, IKEA Pets a line specifically for your furry friends. I had always taken to using their kids line for my pets, so I am glad to see they see pets as family too. The line features fabrics, materials, and designs that flow seamlessly with the rest of the IKEA household. 

Hidden Litterbox

Hide your litterbox, its smell and supplies with this genious Ikeahack from Make Space. This unit is made using the Stuva Betsad element from IKEA and also features their Variea bag dispenser to keep your waste receptacle in place. The Stuva line from Ikea is best known for its crisp white structured rectangular shapes with dramatic edges and pops of color. It is sure to fit into any home decor with its customizable options. 

No Ikea near you? No worries. They ship worldwide.