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Pet Remedies

Holistic living isn’t just for people anymore. . . everyone is including natural remedies into their pet care regiments. Everything from hip & joint care to flea control has herbal alternatives that reduce the amount of chemicals and “processed ingredients” that your pet is exposed to. People are turning to Coconut Oil, Garlic, and limited ingredient diets to solve skin and coat issues. Dogs also have mental health needs just like people– its difficult to diagnose what is causing anxiety and phobias in pets, so its always better to look for a holistic alternative such as aromatherapy or thunder vests before adding pharmaceuticals (with their own set of side effects) to your pups routine. Check out these articles below for more details regarding natural alternatives for common canine issues.

Coconut Oil

I don’t know how I ever lived without coconut oil. I am forever amazed at the endless amount of uses for it. It’s no shock that it is the same wonderful fix-all for our pets. 


It’s no secret that dogs olfactory receptors are better than ours. In this article, writer and certified aromatherapist, Vicki Rae Thorne explains the benefits of aromatherapy for your dog. Plus, gives a detailed breakdown of 15 essential oils and how they may benefit your pup. 

Homemade Flea Powder

Fleas are a pest for you and your dog. They are uncomfortable and can get out of control quickly. Check out this article for a 4 ingredient recipe. Your pets will be thanking you with kisses in no time. 

Seasonal Allergies

If you hate allergy season, it’s likely your dog does to. Pets often have seasonal allergies that cause their skin to itch which results in uncomfortable “hot-spots” and dry flakey skin. Check out this Dogs Naturally Magazine article for some natural solutions to this common problem. 


Often confused for allergies, yeast infections in dogs and cats can make them quite uncomfortable. Yeast infections in the ears release a putrid smell you can’t miss.