Pets! Pets! Pets!

Our pets are the family members we get to choose and they should be treated just the same. As pet parents it is our job to make sure that our pets are as happy and healthy as we are in our lives. Pets are subject to the same environmental hazards we are (chemicals, smoke, water quality, etc) and have both behavioral, physical, and sometimes medical reactions to them. You should always consult a veterinarian to make sure any of the following advice is a good choice for YOUR pet. The following articles are good sources of information to get you going on helping your pet become their best self, because lets face it, the happier they are, the happier you are. 

  • Pet Remedies
    Pet DIY, Pets
    Natural Pet Solutions Holistic living isn’t just for people anymore. . . everyone is including natural remedies into their pet care regiments. Everything from hip & joint care to flea control has herbal alternatives that reduce the […]
  • Puppy Training 102
    Pet DIY, Pets
    Already mastered the 101 Course? Great, lets get started… Now that you are on your way with crate training, house breaking, socialization, and have mastered the art of keeping your cool, lets dive into how to keep your pup off your naughty […]
  • Ikea Hacks for Pets
    Pet DIY
    5 Easy Peasy Ikea Hacks for Pets Not only can pet supplies be expensive, they aren’t always easy on the eye. One way to spruce up the look is by using Ikea “hacks” to either build or camouflage common pet items. What is an Ikea […]
  • Canine Crash Tests
    Featured, Pet Products, Pets
    Canine Crash Tests In 2013, the partnered with animal loving car company Subaru to perform crash tests with dog dummies for the different dog safety harnesses available for automobiles on the market. Spoiler Alert: The […]
  • Dog Infographics
    5 Quick-and-Easy Infographics for Canine Care All dog advice is not created equal! Just because you read something on the internet, ahem, doesn’t mean that its true– this actually goes for all of life and not just pet advice. Nonetheless, the […]