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Vegetarian Meal Prep

Between all of our responsibilities at work, home, family, and gym its no wonder that people don’t have time to cook anymore. It’s even harder if you are trying to loose weight and stay fit to make time to actually cook your meals. Since meal choices are essential to weight-loss making time for healthy meals is a must. Two advantages of meal prep is that it takes the guess work out of cooking when its time to eat, you can cook meals with similar ingredients to reduce food costs, and you only have one day of kitchen clean up (the ladder being my favorite benefit). Here I have gathered for you 5 of my favorite meal prep recipes that are vegetarian and delicious. Click on each link to access the full recipe. 


Burrito Bowls

This recipe produces 5 meals in 20 minutes! Quinoa and Black beans are packed with protein (14g total in this recipe). Top with a few little herbs and extras and you are ready to stay healthy on the go. 


Crustless Quiche

Both vegetarian and gluten-free, this quiche recipe made with mushrooms, bell peppers, your choice of greens and cheese will yield 8-10 servings. 


Freezer Veggie Breakfast Burritos

If you’re like me, mornings are speedy! Get ready and go, with these freezer safe veggie burritos. Depending on the size of your burrito this recipe makes up to 10 servings, so you have plenty to share (but only if you want to). 


Vegetable Quinoa Soup

For only $6.87 you can have 8 servings of this delicious soup. Budget Bytes is one of my favorites since they break every ingredient down by cost. Made with fresh veggies and Quinoa, this recipe is hearty and heart healthy. 

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